Who we are

OMED srl is nowadays, in Italy and abroad, one of the main operators in the sector of moulds for plastic materials and injection-printed products made from all types of thermoplastic materials. The company is specialized in the sector of tools for production of small and medium products, paying attention to complex and demanding products, in the sectors of telephony, electrical engineering, electrical appliances, information technology, and generic products subject to precision and quality requirements.

Thanks to the experience in the sector, to the correct managing policy oriented to a continuous technical update and to the investments in high-technology production and planning means, Omed srl is able to offer to the market advanced moulds and printed manufacts with an excellent aesthetic and functional quality. Its moulding department has modern presses with a closure force up to 600 tonnes which make it able, as far as quality and performance are concerned, to produce highly complex objects responding to the customers’ strictest requirements. With a vast range of technical means for planning (CAD), production (CAM) and fabrication, the company made a name for itself thanks to innovative technical and quality solutions for the product, as well as for its punctuality in delivery which stems from a meticulous and rational organization of production.

OMED srl don’t create only moulds based on designs, but concretely carries out “codesign”, being normally included by the customers in the planning phase, in which Omed srl provides its experience from mould building to the production of printed products.